Sunday, June 17, 2007

Chapter 7 : Protége moi

The last time I slept by your side, I remember thinking about how much I love you.
That night, I spent long hours just looking at you, watching your arms, your delicate lips... I wanted to kiss you so bad, but you were fast asleep, and I didn't dare wake you.
I thought about how good it is to hold you in my arms, and how good it is to feel your kisses.
You're all I ever wanted. You're all I ever needed.

Sometimes it feels like there never was a love as great as this.
Never leave me, I beg you. Never.
My life would make no sense without you.
Without you I'm nothing.

I look at your eyes, and they seem so much like mine; eyes that tell everything mere words couldn't ever describe.
And the words I say now, "I love you", hold no justice to what I feel inside of me.
I love you, I proudly re-affirm.
And you're beautiful. You're beautiful.

And then i think about someone else, someone from so long ago.
Someone who had me as I have you.
And I wonder, did he ever feel the same for me?
I don't know, I confess.
But most of the times I doubt it.

"Wedding bells ain't gonna chime
with both of us guilty of crime
and both of us sentenced to time
and now we're all alone."

Placebo, Protect me from what I want

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inês leal, 31 anos à volta do sol said...

mais um...*

(estive quase a parar neste capítulo, porque há memórias a boiar, mas a vida continua e a leitura também!)